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Chel and Brittany Trash the Dress | McPherson Kansas Photography

My sister-in-law and her friend bought prom dresses and decided to trash them. I made them wash my car too. 🙂


Amber | Sterling, Kansas Trash the Prom Dress

I was so excited when Amber agreed to a Trash the Prom Dress session. We had a blast wading through the river, breaking sandals, and watching me almost fall in the river.

Rainy day at Coronado Heights | McPherson, Kansas Trash the Dress

I was so excited for this first attempt at a Trash the Dress session. Trash the Dress is an opportunity to  wear your wedding or prom dress one more time and not worry about getting it dirty. People pay so much to wear the dress for a few hours, why not have some fun photos with it before it goes back into storage.

It’s been raining all week here, but held off for us at each location. The rain clouds just made the photos that much more awesome! That’s the great thing about Spring in Kansas… Storms!