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Kyle and Monica Wedding | Hutchinson Kansas Wedding Photography

My little brother got married this weekend! It was a beautiful location, it didn’t rain, and I’m glad to welcome Monica into our family! And look at how cute my son is as the ring bearer. He and the flower girl were adorable!


Remington’s Valentines | McPherson Children Photography

The weather here has been surprisingly mild this winter, so I decided to take Remington out on a Valentine’s photo shoot. He wasn’t really into it, but the photos ended up fairly nice.

Remington | McPherson Children Photography

For those of you who think your child is being a pain during our photo shoots…. This is what I get when I try to have a photo shoot with Remington. 🙂

4th of July | Sterling Kansas Photography

The 4th of July is the event of the year for my small hometown. The parade, fireworks, and lake events are the place to be.  Remington was able to participate in the Baby contest this year and won Mr. Personality. It was an unexpected and nice surprise.

I made these to share through the day. They are Rice Krispie Treats , but with Oreos. I was skeptical, but they are absolutely delicious.  Here is the recipe.

Oreo Krispies

1/4 Butter

1 pkg. Marshmallows

1 pkg. Double Stuffed Oreos

Melt Butter. Combine Marshmallows and melt. Cover and mix with crushed Oreos. Spread across greased and foiled pan. Serve.


Father’s Day | McPherson Family Photographer

In honor of Father’s Day coming up, here are some Fathers with their children.

My own son and his father (my loving husband). 😉

My dad and me!

Happy Early Father’s Day! Side note: I think I have a thing for black and white photos. 😉

My Love| McPherson Children Photographer

Just so I can keep myself blogging more I’m going to post more pictures of Remington.

He was trying to eat rocks. 🙂

Now he’s blowing kisses.


Welcome to my new photography blog. I’m still experimenting with WordPress so hang with me.  For now enjoy a few photos of my son, Remington.

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