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Kyle and Monica Part 2 | Hutchinson Engagement Photography

We were finally able to schedule the second part of my brother’s engagement photos. Of course it rained right before the session, but at least it wasn’t sleet like last time. I keep telling them that this is a sign that it will rain on their wedding day. 🙂

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Copeland Family | Hutchinson Family Photography

This super cool blended family joined me in Hutchinson for some family photos. Too bad we didn’t have nice enough weather to have included  the motorcycle. Next time I have great ideas for that. 🙂

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Ryan and Samantha Part 2 | McPherson County Engagement

I met with Ryan and Samantha again to finish their engagement session after weather shortened the last session. This day was perfect and we were able to capture some great photos.

Ryan and Samantha | McPherson County Engagement Photography

The weather forecast was not favorable to photos today, but we went with it anyway. Remind me not to go to Coronado Heights  (a tall hill in the middle of no where) when it’s windy.

Kyle and Monica | McPherson Engagement Photography

My little brother met the girl of his dreams and asked her to marry him. So, we decided to take a trip to Lindsborg for engagement photos. Unfortunately, it decided to sleet and snow,(and Kyle’s balloon popped, haha) so we’ll be returning at a later date. Thanks for braving the cold guys. 🙂

Courtney and Tanner | Sterling Engagement Photography

We ventured to the farm for these wonderful engagement photos. After a chilly and windy week, the day was perfect.

Cagney and James | Lyons Engagement Photography

This adorable couple is planning a summer wedding that is sure to be absolutely beautiful!